Current Career Opportunities

We are hiring!

MINISIS Inc. has several exciting openings for new software specialists to join our growing family.

MINISIS is a SME organisation that owns over 15,000,000 lines of code and is a unique software house based in Vancouver, BC. The MINISIS software has promulgated and evolved since 1972. We are Canada’s oldest surviving and thriving multilingual DBMS toolkit that has progressed from mainframe to mini-computer to DOS to UNIX to Windows and now the Web. When you hear Canada is lacking in innovation – they obviously didn’t talk to us! We take hiring very seriously and it is something that has been excellent and/but not-as-perfectly as it could have, over the past 45 years. However, what we determined based on looking backwards is that to succeed and feel part of the family, staff must have:

  • A positive attitude, loyalty, and the ability to deliver are paramount skills, regardless of the position (AKA: Be cool and focus on doing good work)
  • An ability to listen and learn (AKA: You don’t have to compete, lead by example)
  • Knowledge that there was life before the Internet (AKA: You can learn a lot from glancing backwards once in a while)
  • A desire to work together while sharing their knowledge and helping others (AKA: no prima donna, please!)
  • Applicants MUST be okay with a dog in the office (AKA: There is an assist dog in the office, and he is not going anywhere, so don’t apply if you are allergic or afraid of dogs)
  • All staff MUST be able to be security cleared to work with some of our clients (AKA: We work with sensitive data, we need people who can be trusted)
  • Desire to work in non-SQL DBMS based technology, understands that the biggest technologies are not always the best (AKA: We create our own software, we try not to blindly follow others)
  • Previous experience, knowledge and willingness to actively participate (submission and documentation) with any version control software (e.g. Git or SVN), as MINISIS has over 15,000,000 lines of codes (AKA: that is a lot of code, and we have to do a good job to document and manage it for the future)
  • Desire to ensure MINISIS continues its history of operations, since 1972! (AKA: you want a challenge and to help us to continue to grow)

Most importantly you have to be “low maintenance” and want to work together to continue building on MINISIS technology’s 45 years of development. Tired of holding back your true talents? Want to see your work promoted to the World? Want to make a difference? Then maybe it is time to talk to us at MINISIS. As part of the continual planning cycle and evolution of MINISIS Inc, we are looking for a few new resources. We are always looking for talented resources to learn and promulgate the MINISIS software.

In addition, we are ACTIVELY looking for several new members to join our family in these specific areas:

Job: M2A application specialist (JOB ID: #2022M2A.1)

To work along side our M2A expert to ensure the constant evolution of our archival application.

Skill set: Knowledge of the SMA/MINISIS for Windows and knowledge of M2A, would make you the ideal candidate. Regardless, if you are an archivist that likes to work with databases and technology (or vice-versa), then this is the job for you. You would with our inhouse resources to ensure the support and expansion of the existing MINISIS Management for Archives (M2A) product. To ensure compliance with standards and implementing new features.

Level: Junior to Senior

Location: Vancouver, BC

To learn a little more about the M2A, click here. To learn a little more about MINISIS and all the products we provide, click here.

Job: TDR developers (JOB ID: #2022TDR.3)

To work along site our existing team to ensure the constant evolution of our Trusted Digital Repository. The ideal candidates are C# experts and experience working or some knowledge with TDR/DAMS. The TDR is one of the most important application services MINISIS offers to ensure digital media is able to be ingested online, preserved, managed and disseminated.

Skill set: Ideally Full Stack Web Developers with good OOP Javascript, C#, PHP familiarity, MVC, HTML and CSS, Good knowledge of database development and tools. Experience with at least one SPA (Single Page Application) Framework for Javascript and Good Vanilla JS knowledge (...because usually people say that they develop with JS but they can’t do anything without a library!) . In detail:

  • Experience with PHP5, MVC, OOP, Web Frameworks (e.g. Laravel, et al),
  • JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) Experience, (e.g. Angular, et al),
  • Experience building Restful APIS, Json, Soap, Xml based.
  • Experience with Queue Management, Task Distribution, Media Processing, etc.
  • Any knowledge on TDR / OAIS would put your resume to the top of the list!

Level: Intermediate to Senior

Location: Vancouver, BC

To learn a little more about the TDR, click here. To learn a little more about MINISIS and all the products we provide, click here.

Job: SMA Web Developer (JOB ID: #2022iSMA.5)

This role requires a Full Stack Web Developer with strong interest in database technology and converting the MINISIS for Windows/SMA to a complete web toolkit. To work along side other MINISIS resources including our chief architect!

Skill set: : Knowledge of C, C++ and C# (to be able to read previous code and for porting it), along with good architectural knowledge and loves DBMS tools. Someone who thinks long term and wants to commit for at least a 3 year term and is able to work in a team and share knowledge but also able to deliver their activities on time. This project is our most important initiative and the major R&D project for MINISIS going forward.

Level: Intermediate to Senior

Location: BC and/or Ontario

To learn a little more about the TDR, click here. To learn a little more about MINISIS and all the products we provide, click here.

MINISIS Inc. is now accepting resumes to find capable, dedicated, and innovative individuals to join our Team. Take a few minutes to produce a cover letter to ensure we get a better picture of you and your skills, it will expedite your consideration. Tell us about you and why we need you on our team. Please, indicate which position(s) you want to be considered for by submitting your application with the relevant JOB ID #. All applications/resumes should be sent to: