Technical Support & Maintenance

PREMIUM Support Option

The Support services program includes:


PREMIUM Support includes everything listed in Basic but also provides the user with the ability to select their desired support person(s), 21/5 access privileges via telephone (24/7 email) — including onsite support once during the year to assist with updates, provide additional support, or assist with enhancements or changes to the system desired. Premium clients also receive first in line privileges for training courses, attendance at the International User Group meeting, and all calls are given top priority. MINISIS Inc. is a different kind of company. Our support is lauded as one of the best in the IT world. Our references can attest to this fact. Our premise is that the best software in the world is useless if users can't make it work. Therefore only through solid support can success be achieved for the users and MINISIS Inc.

We also have a separate site for clients with paid technical support and maintenance contracts called MIN.NET. MIN.NET is a completely separate site accessible from the log in area of that contains a wealth of product information, new developments, new software updates, and the beta and release versions for new product lines. It also has a bug and fixes database (for all MINISIS products), a FAQ section, message postings, and in depth technical information.